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Posted by on Jan 26, 2016

It is no secret that most of us dream about having a happy and healthy family, a family where relations are perfect and everyone is satisfied with life and with each other. This ideal picture may look like a utopia, but to a small percentage of the “chosen ones” this dream can become a reality and they can enjoy the blessings of a harmonious family life, at least at some point in their lives.

On the other hand, great majority of families and unions are not so perfect, and they have inner relations which are miserable and highly problematic. This unhealthy environment can cause a series of problems in the mental and physical development of a person, and it can be especially dangerous for children and young adults.


            When relations in a family become too hard to bear and when people act aggressively around each other, family law steps in, and attorneys which specialize in this part of our legal system take care of the situation. Family law experts and lawyers who deal with these cases professionally can take care of any problem, and the list of areas which they can cover is truly impressive.

Following sub-categories

Due to the nature of our legal system, family law governs the following sub-categories:

– marriage and other forms of civil unions

– domestic violence and child abuse

– paternity testings and paternity frauds

– adoption

– divorce

– annulment

– alimony

– child custody and child support

– LGBT relations.


            This list is probably longer in practice, since some courts label some other types of cases as cases belonging to family law, but these areas are the most common. If the opposing parties are connected by marriage or by blood, there is a large possibility that the case will be filed under the family low problem, and our courts are filled with this type of cases. As a matter of fact, family law takes the biggest portion of cases which are processed daily in our court rooms and other legal institutions, and this clearly shows how wide is the overall area of family law. To search for help please enter here.

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